Change for the better

People often ask me why I wanted to start a company offering natural horse shampoo and grooming products. Non-horsey folk look at me quite blankly when I explain my business idea! The answer is quite simple, I wanted to bring about change to a listless, grey sector. One that is thriving but complacent.

We spend so much on making sure our horses eat quality feed, have the best foot-care, are on the nicest yard and are wearing the latest rug. Here in Britain we have access to world class equine products, readily available and fairly priced. However, equine skincare hasn't really presented much new for the last 25 years.

In the UK, ingredients don't have to be listed on pet skincare. I find this quite shocking. At BETA in January I examined the labels on hundreds of bottles. Only around 5% listed ingredients. Some were toxic in colour and full to the brim with harsh chemicals. Others claimed health benefits without giving key ingredients or quantities. Not only are we willingly covering our horses in these unknown substances, we are also covering ourselves in them when grooming and bathing.

Next time you are in a tack shop have a look at the shelves where the skincare products are. You'll find labels peeling off, poor packaging, mystery liquids, glitter, no ingredients listed, preservatives, Parabens, toxins and liquids imported from countries where the standards and laws are quite different to our own. We have been paying a premium for sub standard products for years and it's time for change.

I highly admire some of the brands in the competitive set for trying to improve. However, with the bar so low on standards the choice for the consumer isn't really there. I'm so proud to offer Pommel products to the UK and beyond. We are educated now on how harmful harsh chemicals are for both our skin, the skin of our animals and the bio system around us, let's apply the rules of human skincare to our horses - the Pommel way.


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