How to bath your horse without the drama!

Bath season is upon us. Below we have outlined our top tips for stress free bathing. Love it or loathe it, if you use fly spray or your horse is in exercise - washing is a necessity. The heat is on... so grab your hose and get bathing!

1) Only do a full bath on a warm day - If you are going to drench yourself and your horse, it'll need to realistically be over 18 degrees. If you need to do 'in-between' washes on cooler days you can always hot cloth to draw grease away from fur and remove stains.

2) Don't bath your horse in hot midday sun - It might seem like it makes sense, but getting your horse wet in very hot direct sunshine produces a cooking action as the water heats up on their warm skin. If it's a very warm and sunny day consider washing inside.

3) Keep your horse calm - Start by having a quick brush and tie up a hay net. Although it's warm the cold water can be a shock - turn the hose right down and get your horse used to the temperature of the water by working from the legs up. NEVER use water directly from a hosepipe that has been stored in direct sunlight, the water inside can be scalding hot - always run it through first.

4) Use easy rinse shampoo - always follow the directions on any product you buy. Try to use products that leave little residue and are PH neutral for horses. This way the natural biome of skin is less likely to become upset. By using a natural horse shampoo, hair is more likely to retain moisture and be less prone to breakage and stains.

5) Have all your equipment ready - If you have everything close to hand you won't have to leave an irritated horse tied up. Bucket, sponge, shampoo, sweat scraper, hose - away you go!

6) Know when to bathe - Horses kept in a modern environment do need bathing more often as grease builds up under rugs, which can cause tack to rub. Also - build up of fly spray is undesirable as it can cause sores and rubbing. It is, however, important not to over bathe - use non stripping gentle shampoos wherever possible - check out Pommel's range!

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