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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

When I was four I had my first pony, his name was Tommy. He was 9hh and he had attitude, or 'little man syndrome'. He taught me a lot about respect for animals as he wouldn't take any rubbish from anyone. He had this little foam saddle with a blue and red surcingle, a jute rug for inside and a canvas one for outside. Horses just didn't have the mod cons 30 years ago.

A few years later I got my second pony Magic (picture attached). We still all fed our ponies sugary chaff and mix covered with a big dollop of cod liver oil. Of course now we know better but back then we just didn't know any different. Grooming kits consisted of about three brushes. Hoof oil was a black clogging liquid and shampoo was stingy and horrible. There really wasn't much choice.

It's only now that I'm older and know more about my own skincare that I have realised, we aren't applying the same rules to our animals' as to ourselves - and we need to. There are far too many radioactive looking, mystery liquids which we are paying for, but we have no idea what's in them. Some even have hazardous warning symbols on the back. This is the reason we set about creating Pommel.

I would happily get myself covered in any of our products as they are gentle, with non irritant, mild ingredients. We all know how messy it gets when we do a full bath, sometimes it's hard to tell who is wetter, you or the horse?! But our natural horse shampoo is different, it's made from extremely high quality ingredients and it actually works, producing great results.

I'm glad we are offering change, freshness and quality to a sector that can learn lessons from the human skincare industry.

Enjoy x

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