Tips for clipping your horse

Although Prince is a thoroughbred and technically isn't that hairy, we still choose to clip him in winter.

He is 17 now and gets quite 'fluffy' underneath, and when he's sweaty he gets quite chilly after a ride. If he isn't clipped (his wet hair doesn't dry very quickly) the build up of sweat and grease in his coat can lead to soreness.

Clipping does have its perks if you have a horse who likes to roll, as the mud is quicker and easier to brush off. If you have a grey, stains are easier to get out as your horse dries more quickly and doesn't overheat as easily - often cooling down more effectively after a ride.

Clipping is a great way of keeping an active horse's coat in tip top condition over the winter months. Whether you've got a big hairy bob the cob or a warmblooded tall skinny, the benefits to your horse and you are plentiful.

Below are our top tips for stress free clipping this season, including which Pommel products will make life easier.

1) Invest in the best clippers you can afford. Do your research, if you go for price you'll likely buy twice. It's worth spending a little extra to get a well made pair of clippers that will see you through.

2) Once you have your clippers get them serviced at least once a year, it's worth it for peace of mind and keeping your investment safe.

3) Have a spare set of blades - you don't want to be caught out mid clip and have to leave your horse half clipped while you get your blades sharpened.

4) Make sure you clip in a well lit area so you can see what you're doing. Make sure if you are using an extension lead it is fitted with a circuit breaker.

5) Keep checking your blades aren't overheating. Brush any hair off the clipper vents and blades every few minutes - and keep oiling the tension holes as you go.

6) Before you start give your horse a decent brush, shampoo any really greasy areas using 'EASY DOES IT' and tie his mane back loosely with plaiting bands (that's if you aren't hogging it').

7) Mark out your clip by using chalk or a small amount of petroleum jelly on your finger. Get those lines really crisp.

8) When you're done, dilute a drop of 'EASY DOES IT' in a bucket of warm water. This coconut based unscented shampoo is suitable for 'hot-clothing' and leaves skin able to breathe with little residue - unlike heavy oils.

9) For the ultimate finish use 'VELVET' on the mane and tail and get rid of any stubborn stable stains.

10) Enjoy immense satisfaction at your amazing skills and smart pony.

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